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Ep. 117 - Rob Wigington, Executive Director, Airport Restaurant & Retail Association

April 20, 2021

“Even under the best of circumstances we don’t expect that traffic is going to get back, certainly not this year and probably not in 2022, to levels that are needed to sustain the airports and concessionaires.” 

Passenger counts are increasing, which provides reason for optimism, but they’re far from back to a level that can sustain airports and operators. So, while nearly $1 billion in federal aid for concessions since COVID-19 devastated the industry is welcome relief, it doesn’t mean the Airport Restaurant & Retail Association and other organizations won’t ultimately have to go back for further relief later. Airports and operators have worked together well in seeking such relief and may be in a better place now, not just for COVID relief, but to collectively solve some of the challenges currently facing the concessions industry.

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