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Ep. 115 - Justin Meyer & David Long, City of Kansas City Aviation Department

January 5, 2021

“We thought combining everything into one contract would provide the flexibility the financial markets would look for in order to help finance the project.” – David Long, deputy director of aviation overseeing properties and commercial development. 

The city of Kansas City is moving forward with plans for the concessions program inside the new terminal at Kansas City International Airport (MCI). An RFP will be on the street in mid-January. Whether it results in a single operator running the entire program or a dozen operators splitting the space, the proposal will result in a single contract that city officials think will be more palatable to financial markets offering support. The city and its consultant, ICF, will host a virtual meeting on January 12 and 13 through the virtual reality platform Virbela, where bidders can learn more. Firms can register at: 

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